50 WhatsApp Funny Images and Profile Pictures

WhatsApp Funny Images

50 WhatsApp Funny Images and Profile Pictures

Finding a spot-on way to represent yourself online doesn’t seem like it should be a difficult thing, but the sea of media that’s presented each time you try to search for a good profile picture makes it difficult to decide which to choose, let alone how to figure out what you want in the first place. We have 50 funny images and profile pictures that can give your creative juices a boost when choosing an image for your WhatsApp DP. Funny? Check. Hilarious? A synonym, but double-check. We also have some heartfelt picture and more impacting ones–good quotes and phrases to affect some feelings from the folks in your contact list.

How you portray yourself online, even in something so simple as a profile picture, has never been more important. As our digital lives gain greater relevance–weighing almost as much as what happens in our day-to-day lives–it’s critical that you take control of how other people are seeing you. For many, that means paying more attention to the consequences of your shares, posts, and tweets, but there are passive gains to be had from shaping your profile to specifically represent you exactly like you want it to. Fond of making humorous posts? Your profile picture can go two ways—double strength, by using a funny image or quote, or play it up ironically, with a comically serious profile picture.

Or, you could always use a meme. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but memes will be officially replacing the English language by the year 2020. (Strike me down for telling a lie, but honestly, it feels like it sometimes!)

As long as we’re on the topic of WhatsApp (because everyone needs a profile picture there), let’s talk about why your profile representation is especially important. It’s a fairly streamlined interface, right? It’s a far cry from being as media-centric as the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Kik. Cleaner lines, more professional presentation, and if we’re being critical, quite a lot easier to read than the messaging functions in much of its competition.

However, because it’s less media-rich than other apps means that the important media is going to stand out even more. That’s right, you guessed it. Your profile picture is going to be getting extra attention from the prying eyes that view your profile. The only reasonable response is to hunt a picture (or “DP” for display picture, as WhatsApp is fond of calling it), that best sums up you. Or, you know. Twenty pictures that you cycle through on a regular basis.

All of that being said, it’s going to be up to you to decide what works best for you. Below, we have 50 fantastic pictures, any of which will serve as a cute, funny, romantic, or inspiring WhatsApp DP. Clap your hands together and get some creative juices flowing!

50 WhatsApp Profile Pictures




I’m not sure who looks more perplexed in this image…or who looks more handsome, for that matter. An example of “snout in focus.”


Woody? Toy Story? I don’t know what happened, here, but it only gets better the longer that you look at it.



A “balanced breakfast” probably doesn’t mean balancing whatever the hell you like on top of some Cheerios, but it’s a great image, nonetheless!


We can all relate.  You know it.




If you don’t understand the pun, wafer it.


Is bacon a trendy thing, or has everyone really just “liked it this entire time?” Either way, I’m not inclined to disagree with a good luck charm that tastes this good.


Oh, temptation, you come in so many wicked forms. I don’t know that religion is going to keep you fast and true to your diet, though. Maybe MyFitnessPal a poster-size print of Hollister cat, above?


When you see [insert anything that has more limbs than my cat], this is the face I make! Of course, our arachnid friends can’t really help themselves, can they?


We’re supposed to be afraid, but all that I can think is, “Has the day finally come that dinner is going to write its own check?”


I’ll save us both from the One Direction lyrics that I could quote, and say instead that both of these people are wishing they could turn back time. Only by a few seconds. Or, maybe back to when smartphones and Snapchat weren’t yet a thing…



“Go! Get to the chargaaa!” Another meme spawned from the 1980s film that predicted the state governorships of two celebrities. Bonus trivia: post in the comments if you know which film we’re talking about!



“All of the flavors in the world and you chose to be salty?” Bring a little bit of positivity to your WhatsApp DP!


It’s a two-way road, those long-distance relationships! Still, that apprehension and worry is such a real thing! Convey a little bit of it for a while in this profile picture.


We’ve always been told that we can be anything that we’d like to, but equally true is the fact that we have to work to get anywhere at all! The only way to knock down the walls that we put up is persistence, resolve, and all of the learning that we can do along the way.


So true! It’s sort of the same exact reason that you’re here, looking for a top-notch profile picture, isn’t it?


Now that every teenager is packing a smartphone, does anyone have “notebook sweethearts” anymore? It’s a sad day if that’s faded into the past, but either way, this image is a call back to simpler times of love letters and notes, rather than text messages.


“We’re also selling puns, irony, quip, and all of it comes with a half-helping of ‘tude!”




As long as you’re only willing to take this imaginative ploy as far as your WhatsApp DP, I think we can both keep laughing.


“Where’d you get the coconuts? …Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?” Bonus triviaif you can tell us where it’s from, in the comments below!




And the day after that? Pizza. And for another five years, not a drop of drive-thru, because you can’t be a Spartan and also have dad bod!


A little bit of extra studying will probably do more than a clever WhatsApp DP, but it can’t hurt, right?


Contrary to what’s suggested by this clever profile picture, you don’t need a tail to practice self-control.



“We are each responsible for the energy that we carry with us!” Attitude can change everything, so take the bad and the good, wholesale, and make the day your own!



Remember what I said about “20 different pictures that you rotate on a regular basis?” Change that number to anything you like, because nobody is going to balk at your WhatsApp DP. If anything, friends and contacts will be happy for the fresh images, as often as you want to provide them!


I’m not sure what the problem is, here. Did the driver eat too much poultry? Too many chicken/road jokes? Whatever they did to offend the feathery flock, don’t let it stop you from taking advantage of the consequences for your WhatsApp DP.



Sometimes, we could all use a little reminder to peek our heads up from the smartphone. Hopefully, your surroundings don’t have to be on fire before that happens!


Cynical people will view this as a sad truth. Optimists will be glad that we can live in a world like this! Let’s all work towards making the world a safer place, where happiness can be guaranteed for more, and the biggest fears we face on a daily basis are running out of smartphone battery charge.


Turtleburger. Don’t tell me that it doesn’t make sense. I know that it doesn’t make sense. Please see the image above about “not having to explain oneself to anybody,” because Turtleburger doesn’t have to.


On the day that fast food becomes an industry standard, delivered via high-speed internet access, the US will finally cave in and upgrade its ancient internet infrastructure.




You know what’s worse? When that air is sharing the bag with already crushed chips. The horror…the horror…





Because none of us are, right? When you’re faced with the expectation of perfection, a smile is the best thing that you can put on.


Well, what do you think, Appamatix readers? Surely, a selection of fifty great images won’t encompass all that the wide world of the internet can offer you for your profile picture needs, but if you didn’t find one to your liking, hopefully, you’re being pulled in the right direction. Sometimes, everyone’s creativity needs a little kick in the pants, and nothing inspires quite like looking at other peoples’ favorites in any particular category.

Of course, if you don’t know where to look next, I recommend heading off to Google Images or Pinterest to continue your search. Think about what you say here, and let what you’ve enjoyed lead your search! Meanwhile, if you enjoyed our 50 funny/cute/serious WhatsApp profile pictures and images, let us know which were your favorites in the comments below!

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