Phone Photography Tricks – Iphone!

Phone Photography Tricks

Phone Photography Tricks – Trick Photography With Your Iphone!

Astonishingly Simple Secrets Discovered By Renegade Photographer Transforms Your Smartphone Into A High-Quality DSLR And Captures Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous Photos That Blow Away Your Friends – Guaranteed!”

Just Use These Proven Techniques To Instantly Become A “Mini Celebrity” On Social Media Sites… Without Ever Using Photoshop!

“Transform” Your Smartphone Camera Into A High-End DSLR!

It’s true! (Try this Out Now!)

Once you know how to use your smartphone as a high-end DSLR, you can use it to capture spectacular shots like these:

Not quite convinced?

Okay, take a look at the two images below.

Can you guess which one was taken by the iPhone 5… and which one was taken by the Canon EOS 7D ($1,599.00)?

Can you spot the difference?

Well, the photo on the left was taken by the iPhone 3GS (with the help of a special image enhancement app we’ll talk about in just a bit.)

Since camera phone technology has become super advanced, the qualities of the photos are nearly identical.

In fact, there’s an entire “iPhoneography” movement going on right now, where world-class photographers are ditching their regular camera equipment and snapping shots only their iPhones!

And here’s the kicker (and why I’m so ticked off): There are still loads of self-righteous photography “experts” out there who claim you need at least a Nikon D5100, telephoto zoom lenses and their 6 week evening course just to start taking great pictures yourself.

As someone who has been living, sleeping and breathing photography his entire life, I can tell you….

create incredible photographs that will blow away you and your friends.

Like these… Try this Out Now!


  • Breathtaking special effects using penlights and other, even more common, household items
  • Beautiful high dynamic range nature shots that look like this
  • Spectacular 360 degree panoramic shots that will amaze your friends
  • Photos that go “pop” just through tweaking the colour settings on your regular camera.
  • Crystal clear rapid movement shots that look frozen in time
  • Fantastic perspective photos with no software or extra tools.
  • Pictures that are filled with the invisible man.
  • Exquisite star trail long exposure shots.
  • Amazing self portrait tricks guaranteed to make you the most popular guy/girl on facebook!
  • Creative and vintage phone photography tricks for tumblr
  • How to make your pets look extra cute with these simple phone camera tricks
  • How to take mouth-watering food shots

Try this Out Now!

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